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BurntSiennasm.jpg  Coming in July 2015...Burnt Sienna...the first in a new series starring Flora Garibaldi. Flora, a young conservator working at her first job in Siena, Italy, discovers that her bosses are both smuggling antiquities from Sicily and forging art works.

  bootleggercover.jpg  My first historical mystery, set in central Illinois during Prohibition, is available.                                                                                                            Excerpt     Paperback     Kindle Edition   
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This novel placed third in the Lovey awards for best historical novel at the Love is Murder conference, 2013.
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The Bootlegger's Nephew (The Bootlegger's Nephew Prohibition Mystery) introduces Earl "Illinois" Junker, a physician and amateur archaeologist. He uses his knowledge of local geography and archaeology to track down a murderer and break up a gang of bootleggers in central Illinois during Prohibition. Doc Junker is aided by his nineteen-year-old flapper daughter, Anna, and his German wife Martha.
"Local author Sarah Wisseman has written the first book of a new mystery series set in Champaign County in 1923, during Prohibition in the United States...Wisseman has an easy writing style and writes vibrant and well-rounded characters..."

Margo L.Dill, The News Gazette, Champaign IL, March 18, 2012
"You don’t have to live in Champaign County to enjoy The Bootlegger’s Nephew — it’s a fun book outside of that. But it helps if you do live here — you’ll know enough about the area already to see how much research went into the writing and you’ll get the sense very quickly that the author probably got things right..."
Mark Laughlin, Smile Politely , Tuesday April 3, 2012.
Supplementcover.jpg     The non-fiction supplement, The Bootlegger's Nephew Supplement, is a short summary of the author's research on Prohibition, medicine, archaeology, daily life, etc., during the 1920s. Download a FREE copy of this supplement below (scroll down)! 

Sarah Wisseman is an archaeological scientist, recently retired from the Program on Ancient Technologies and Archaeological Materials (ATAM) at the University of Illinois. Her research project on Egyptian mummies led to the second Lisa Donahue mystery, Bound for Eternity Books 3 and 4 in the Lisa Donahue series, The Fall of Augustus and The House of the Sphinx, were published in late 2009. (***To read the first few chapters of The House of the Sphinx, visit the Fall 2011 isssue of Mysterical-E).

Sarah lives in Champaign, IL, with her husband and two cats.


DeadSeaCdxCOVER.jpg                              Boundcover.jpg                          FallofAugustuscover.jpg                                 sphinx.jpg


Lisa is an archaeologist and museum curator, like her creator. She works in a (fictional) creepy attic museum on the Boston University campus and is a specialist on ceramic technology and Egyptian mummies. The books take her through the period just before her first marriage, the loss of her husband, her move to Boston with a five-year old daughter in tow, and the forming of a new family with radiologist James Barber and his son Sam. Lisa's journey brings her into conflict with peculiar and vindictive bosses, jealous colleagues, and her best friend Ellen. The settings of the four books combine some of the author's favorite places: Boston and Cape Cod, museums of all kinds, and the Middle East (Israel and Egypt)                                                         

Book 1THE DEAD SEA CODEX (2006): Two archaeologists race to find an ancient manuscript in Israel before Christian fanatics destroy it...

Book 2, BOUND FOR ETERNITY (2005, new edition 2013 with a new cover): A museum curator discovers that an Egyptian mummy holds the secret to two murders in her Boston Museum... 

Book 3, THE FALL OF AUGUSTUS (2009):  When a falling statue wipes out Lisa Donahue's boss, she becomes interim director of her Boston museum. Suddenly she's juggling murder, a major move to a new building, and a vicious woman from her past...

Book 4, THE HOUSE OF THE SPHINX (2009): While traveling in Egypt, an archaeologist and her physician husband stumble upon a plan to infect Western tourists with smallpox...

"Wicked! Wisseman just keeps getting better!"  

 --Molly MacRaeauthor of the novel Wilder Rumors, the Haunted Yarnshop series from Penguin, and
short stories in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine.

"...Wisseman’s books are of interest for a number of reasons: she lives and works right here in Champaign-Urbana, the novels are fast-paced and carefully constructed, and the author’s background as a UI archaeologist add other dimensions for the reader to consider.  So, if you want to support a local author, enjoy a crafted mystery, or ponder the relationship between science and suspense, head to Jane Addams bookstore and pick up one of Sarah Wisseman’s novels." 
--Mark Laughlin, Smile Politely (online magazine, January 21, 2010). 
Here's another article about her books from the University of Illinois News Bureau.  
For other archaeological mysteries by a variety of authors, check out archaeologist Bill Gresens' review site. 

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