"Sarah Wisseman’s latest novel, Catacomb, leads the reader beneath the streets of ancient Rome on a suspenseful search for priceless art objects hidden from the Nazis during World War II.  Dr. Wisseman’s extensive archaeological experience produces vivid and accurate descriptions as clues in a recovered diary guide her characters deeper into murky subterranean tunnels filled with danger and intrigue.  Catacomb lures armchair archaeologists and mystery fans alike down into those dank spaces with chilling reality."
--Marie Moore, Author of The Sidney Marsh Murder Mystery Series

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About Burnt Siena : "...This book’s charm lies in its loving portrait of Siena.  The author beautifully invokes the sights, sounds and smells of that lovely city—its vital street life, the café culture of the Piazza del Campo, and even the anarchic madness of il Palio, the mid-summer horse races around the Campo in the city center.  The vividness of these word pictures is remarkable.  Indeed, in a very real sense, Burnt Siena is a love song to that city." --Bill Gresens, Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center

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​Book 1. ​​​​​​ Flora Garibaldi, a young conservator working at her first job in Siena, Italy, discovers that her bosses are smuggling antiquities from Sicily and forging art works. (Hardcover and Kindle, Five Star/Cengage).

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 “The author of the "Lisa Donahue Archaeological Mysteries" launches a new series that provides the perfect antidote for mystery buffs who still miss Iain Pears's mysteries featuring British art dealer Jonathan Argyll.” --Library Journal

Book 3. While on loan to the

Uffizi Gallery, conservator

Flora Garibaldi discovers that a famous Botticelli painting is a forgery...

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Book 2. An art conservator and her policeman boyfriend search for a lost trove of Nazi-looted art under Rome.

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Retired archaeologist Sarah Wisseman splits her time between writing and painting.

Her stories are based on thirty years of working in academia, museums, and on excavations in Italy, Israel, and the U.S. She writes two series, the Lisa Donahue Archaeological Mysteries (set in Boston and the Middle East) and the Flora Garibaldi Art History Mysteries (set in Italy). Her paintings include mixed media landscapes, starscapes, and still lifes.

The Flora Garibaldi Art History Mysteries