". . . Wisseman's talent is writing character-driven novels that keep readers turning the pages and coming back for another installment. Lisa Donahue is a spunky, realistic and lovable character who readers will certainly cheer through The Fall of Augustus and the entire series . . . "
-- Champaign-Urbana News Gazette

". . . Wisseman's novels are fast-paced and carefully constructed."
-- Mark Laughlin, Smile Politely on The House of Sphinx

"Wicked! Wisseman just keeps getting better!" 
--Molly MacRae, author of the Haunted Yarn Shop Mysteries, on The House of Sphinx 

 “The author of the "Lisa Donahue Archaeological Mysteries" launches a new series that provides the perfect antidote for mystery buffs who still miss Iain Pears's mysteries featuring British art dealer Jonathan Argyll.” --Library Journal


​ ". . . Wisseman does a great job of combining 'archaeology for dummies' and a great plot with lots of action and interesting characters to make her first Lisa Donahue mystery provocative, page-turning entertainment . . . Bound for Eternity is crisp and seductive."
-- Midwest Book Review

Reviews of several of Sarah's archaeological mysteries, by archaeologist Bill Gresens at the

Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center. Bonus:

Bill reviews many other authors who write archaeological mysteries!