• Prohibition in Illinois7:01

A physician uses his knowledge of archaeology and geography to solve a murder and trap a gang of bootleggers in central Illinois during Prohibition. 

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Stand-alone historical mystery 

Book 1. Two archaeologists race to find an ancient manuscript in Israel before Christian fanatics destroy it.

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(n.b. the older edition with the blue cover is out of print).

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The Lisa Donahue Archaeological Mysteries 


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Stand-alone historical mystery set in Prohibition-era Illinois
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​Good for What Ails You

The Virtual Mummy  (University of Illinois Press, 2003). ALA Best of the Best From University Presses, 2004

Prohibition in Central Illinois (Supplement to The Bootlegger's Nephew)

Book 3. When a falling statue wipes out Lisa Donahue's boss, she becomes interim director of her Boston museum. Suddenly she's juggling murder, a major move to a new building, and a vicious woman from her past.

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Book 2. A museum curator discovers that an Egyptian mummy holds the secret to two murders in her Boston Museum.

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Book 4. While traveling in Egypt, an archaeologist and her physician husband stumble upon a plan to infect Western tourists with smallpox.

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