An archaeologist and physician recreate an Egyptian mummy using a modern cadaver and ancient embalming methods. Then they put the finished mummy on display at an international conference reception...what could possibly go wrong? 



Short story based upon the novel The Fall of Augustus.  This version has a very different ending. Buy

Disappearing artifacts at

Lisa Donahue's  Boston museum. Buy

Non-fiction supplement to The Bootlegger's Nephew (research on Prohibition in Illinois). Buy

Short Stories and non-fiction

A young archaeology student discovers forged pottery in Italy. Amazon  Smashwords

Who put the body in the agricultural plot? Buy

True story of an interdisciplinary investigation of an Egyptian mummy at the University of Illinois (non-fiction). Buy

A woman traveling on safari discovers an unusual method for murder. Buy

When Anna Junker's friend dies at a speakeasy, she and her boyfriend seek answers. 



Novella version of Bound for Eternity.  (25,000 words). Buy

Parents visiting their daughter in the Dominican Republic witness a theft amid many chickens. Buy